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800.VAC.SPRT (800.822.7778)

VAC provides system support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Technical support options include a full turn-key solution or remote technical support of the equipment and associated network.
We customize the support options that best fit the project at hand.

All trouble reports handled by VAC are processed through the Service Management Center (SMC) in Texas. Technicians collect the necessary information via telephone or email, utilize remote diagnostic capabilities to either resolve the problem or isolate the cause and take appropriate steps for service restoration.

Once a service condition is reported, a ticket will be issued and managed by the assigned SMC representative.
  - Single point of contact
  - Prompt, professional management
  - Trouble ticket tracking & status updates
  - Escalation of priority as necessary
  - Identification of repair needs
  - Verification of Repair Completion and ticket closure
  - End-to-end trouble ticket management and documentation

VAC understands that all companies have service conditions from time to time. Our goal is to minimize the impact by providing prompt response and keeping the customer informed throughout the resolution process.

Diagnostic Capabilities
VAC Systems are equipped with diagnostic capabilities that can be utilized on-site or accessed via remote communications. VAC support team members utilize these informational tools to track system activities, evaluate system metrics and provide statistical analysis of metrics to provide quick detection of system abnormalities and suspicious trends. Remote diagnostics include the ability to test trunks, telephones and make test calls from a remote site.

Systems are constantly monitored using these internal diagnostic capabilities. Performance outside the "normal" range of operations will trigger an alarm to notify VAC remote support personnel. In addition, each system is polled nightly through an automated process. During this routine, call records are collected for processing and redundant storage. Any service condition encountered during this polling triggers an alarm for the VAC Technical Assistance Center team. WAN-based systems are polled througout the day, allowing for near-real time monitoring of system performance.

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