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VAC's Billing and Inquiry Team
Offers professional assistance in managing call records utilized for the billing process. These teams manage the following functions:

      - Polling of call detail records
      - Processing and formatting of call records
           in customer desired format
      - Call Rating
      - Submission of Call Records for Billing
      - Call revenue Report Generation

In addition, VAC offers access to LIDB validation and will work with you to establish customized blocked number lists for optimum call revenue management.

CHALLENGE Bad Debt & Unbillables Management Toll

VAC understands the impact of bad debt and unbilliable calls on inmate calling system revenue. The Challenge program was designed to serve as a pro-active tool for managing these issues.

Challenge offers the option to set a maximum monthly dollar threshold of calls to a given phone number. Upon reaching the limit, the end user may opt to make an advance payment in order to receive additional calls. In addition, calls to numbers that would otherwise be unbilliable may be processed rather than blocked through the use of the advanced payment program offered by Challenge. Best of all facility personnel is not burdened with any additional administrative tasks. The VAC Inquiry Department handles every step.

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