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Inmate calling data offers an excellent tool for facility investigators and law enforcement personnel. The key is a system that harnesses the data and delivers the needed information on demand.

Detailed, flexible real-time call reports

Every call attempted and completed contains details that could be helpful to investigators. Each record includes date and time of call, inmate ID (PIN systems only), called number, call duration, call termination reason, and the inmate phone used to place the call. Using the system workstation, administrators may generate call detail reports based on any call criteria within a specified time range. In addition, specialized reports are available to show critical information such as: multiple inmates calling the same number or extensive calling to one number. Customized reports are also available to meet special needs.

SPY Silent Audio Call Monitoring

The SPY function is a feature offered with the System 70 and System 100 call technology offering silent monitoring of inmate calls in progress. Monitoring is performed using the user workstation(s) and an easy-to-use display of calls in progress.
  - Password protected access
  - Mouse-driven selection of monitoring target
  - Configurable "Scan mode" for reviewing all calls in progress
  - Attorney Privilege feature prevents recording or monitoring of protected calls
  - System 100 offers remote monitoring capabilities for calls to alerted numbers

SPY Box Analog Selective Call recording

The System 70 offers an entry-level solution for sites needing selective recording capability. This investigative option includes analog recording of desired conversations identified during monitoring.
  - Password protected access
  - Mouse-driven selection of recording target
  - Portable cassette media-convenient for evidentiary use
  - Attorney Privilege feature prevents recording of protected calls

SHADOW Digital full channel call recording

The System 100 offers an integrated, digital full-time recording function with the Shadow feature. Shadow is an advanced surveillance technology that records each and every call to meet the most demanding investigative requirements.
  - Password protected access
  - Instant search and location of recorded calls by inmate, called number or inmate phone
  - Flexible On-Line Recording Storage Duration
  - CD archive capability
  - Playback function including the ability to mark pertinent sections of the conversation
  - Notes function allows user to add investigation data to recording file
  - Export to CD function with encryption option
  - Attorney Privilege feature prevents recording of protected calls

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