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Fully Automated Inmate Calling

Easy-to-understand voice prompts guide the inmate and the called party through the calling process without the need or risk of live operator intervention.  The FOCUS 100 offers both English and Spanish prompts to ensure improved understanding by the facility population.  The inmate's recorded name is stored by PIN and used for playback to the called party during the initial greeting on all future calls.  This minimizes the opportunity for message passing during the name recording window. 

In addition to the inmate's name, the called party is provided with the following information:


FOCUS 100 is the Flagship system of Value-Added Communications.  The FOCUS 100 was engineered by VAC to meet the specific needs of large jails and State Correctional facilities.  This feature-rich product was created on a reliable Windows 2003 operating system platform with state-of-the-art call processing technology and proven proprietary software and hardware.  The resulting system offers the following advantages:

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