VAC now offers an alternate billing option for people who are being blocked from receiving collect calls from their friend or loved one in a correctional facility. VAC's new V-CONNECT product allows the consumer to pre-pay an account and have the funds deducted from the account as the call takes place. This eliminates many problems associated with the local telephone company lacking collect call billing arrangements.

Visit V-CONNECT Website or call 800-913-6097 to set up a V-CONNECT account or to add funds to an existing account.

V-Connect Refund Policy

Advance Payment account holders may request a refund of the unused funds in their account by providing VAC a written request.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your refund to be processed.  Written requests for refunds should be sent to:

Department 2430
P.O. Box 122430
Dallas, TX  75312-2430



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